Integrity, Innovation and Cooperate Together



The corporate culture of Lantian is the values shared by all staff, which embodies our tough character and creed how to conduct ourselves; It accumulates our striving spirit, and becomes the guiding principle of how we behave; It condenses our common belief, and becomes the fundamental principle of how we do business. We build a good atmosphere of trust and respect for the enterprise, which inspires our courage to innovate and change. In this way, it forms a spiritual culture of continuous improvement, a value plan of cherishing talents, a management culture of effective implementation, and a strategic culture of win-win cooperation.




Our company is committed to the research, development and innovation of energy and environmental protection technology, water treatment technology and new energy. With the help of renowned international environmental protection companies, first-class universities and scientific research institutions in China, we work with them in the fields of flue gas purification, water treatment and new energy, and combine the implementating experience of several flue gas purification, water treatment engineering and new energy projects. Finally, we have successfully developed a series of internationally advanced energy and environmental protection technologies, and completed a number of national and provincial key scientific and technological projects. At present, we have obtained a number of patent certificates, and have achieved outstanding performance in the industry with our core technology, professional engineering design, and scientific and advanced project management capabilities.

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